Cost, Recovery Time and Treatment Details for Both Hip Replacement

Double Hip Replacement

Cost, Recovery Time and Treatment Details for Both Hip Replacement

Cost for Single Hip Replacement
US$ 8,000 to 12,000 (depending on the medical case of the patient and implant used)
10% on the above quoted price (final hospital’s bill)
ONLY APPLICABLE ONLY FOR patients. Click here for exceptions and terms.
Number of days at hospital (Estimated)
5 days
Number of days in India outside hospital (Estimated)
12 days
Treatment’s Success Rate
98% and above
Tests required to help assess the treatment
MRI, X-ray, CT scan and Pre-operative blood tests

What is covered in the above mentioned cost for surgery?

This price includes surgery cost, doctor’s fee, standard prescribed tests and all standard expenses required at the hospital during the surgery. 

About Both Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip comprises of a complex joint in our body. Any damage in this requires a consultation with a specialist orthopaedic doctor. India is the emerging land of orthopaedic doctors specializing in treatments for fractures, ligament injuries, nerve compression, osteoporosis etc. 

It is predicted that in a few years India will be conducting 1.5 million joint replacements, annually. Furthermore, a report suggests that the field of orthopaedics in India will see a significant growth in the near future. 

We at shall discuss the procedure for both hip replacement surgery in India. We will also provide you information on the Indian costs of both hip replacement surgery and the recovery time for this. You will also be given further suggestions on how to maintain the new joint implant and make it last longer. 

What is Hip Replacement Surgery? 


Hip replacement surgery is medically known as hip arthroplasty. It is done to alleviate symptoms of hip conditions such as severe pain. In this surgery, damaged parts of the hip joint are replaced by implants. 


A hip replacement surgery is either done in a traditional manner in which the surgical incision is large, or in a minimally-invasive manner where there are smaller incisions. The latter is a better technique as its recovery rate is faster. 



About The Hip

The hip joint is the only joint in the human body bearing the maximum amount of weight. It is commonly known as the ball (femoral head) and the socket (acetabulum) joint. The hip joint comprises muscles, tendons and ligaments. 


The femoral head that is attached to the femur, connects the hip to the thigh bones. The acetabulum or the socket holds the femoral head and connects it to the pelvis. Together, this ball-and-socket joint allows for extensive motion.